Hybrid Mail

Gain immediate cost savings of 60%
Streamline Desktop Mail With A Single Click
Hybrid mail allows you to securely and simply send documents from your desktop or tablet and have it mailed locally or internationally.

While most enterprises have a handle on bulk mailing, globally, office staff print and post millions of unstructured desktop mail everyday. This disjointed and manually intensive process of mailing these desktop documents is significantly costing businesses through lost productivity, diminished control and excessive postage costs.

Now with Perigord HybridMail, you can eliminate these costs from your business with a single mouse click.

If you are a private or public organisation of small to large size you will benefit from Hybrid Mail. Our clients include banks, insurance companies, retailers, and numerous small to medium size businesses.

Delivering Benefits Beyond Expectations

Immediate Cost Savings

Service providers get lower postal rates through bulk mail processing. When you use Perigord HybridMail, these postage savings are immediately transferred to your business. Costs are reduced further through reduced need for desktop printers, consumables and stationery.

Save 1 Workday

Through eliminating the manual steps of mailing, you can significantly increase staff productivity. In fact, for every 100 mails processed through HybridMail, you will save the equivalent time of one person’s full workday.

Reduce Corporate Risk

The solution offers a range of features that help you increase control and reduce errors including encryption, approval and centralised server intelligence that lets you apply rules to specific users.

Reduce Returned Mail

Through clever address management, real-time address correction and the ability to connect to any local postal address system, the solution will reduce returned mail by 50%.

Increase Accountability

With document tracking, full audit trails, and dynamic management reports the solution increases process transparency and accountability.

Same Day User Adoption

With Perigord HybridMail, your business users can be up and running the same day. With a solution as simple as a mouse click, no formal user training is needed.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

The reduced need for high-energy consumption printers, printing consumables and stationery stock coupled with the option for e-delivery will compliment any CSR audit.

Ensure Brand Consistency

You can easily upload and manage your corporate templates centrally within Perigord HybridMail and make them available to staff to ensure total brand consistency.

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