Explore Some Of Our Industry Solutions

Explore Some Of Our Industry Solutions

Perigord help design and implement great customer experiences which create efficiencies,
deliver added value and create cost savings for organisations.

Broker Marketing

Delivering collaborative marketing support

Print Room Outsourcing

Outsource for a Financial Services Provider

Improving Customer Experience

Improving Customer experience within the insurance industry


Member engagement through effective communications

Retail P.O.S. Management

Delivering collaborative marketing tools

Mail Room Outsourcing

Innovative outsource solution for a leading Insurance Provider


Streamline desktop main with a single click


Great customer experiences require instant access information and services through a growing array of digital channels, online services, and mobile apps. But digital transformation isn’t just about delivering on new channels, it’s about upgrading your business to run at the speed of today’s commerce.

With 55% of all enterprises still running their internal processes based on paper, it’s about eliminating paper forms and document printing to save millions per year on output, mailing and storage costs. While also ensuring that your business is compliant and connected so that you go beyond launching digital apps to delivering true end-to-end digital experiences.

Hybrid mail allows you to securely and simply send documents from your desktop or tablet and have it mailed locally or internationally.

While most enterprises have a handle on bulk mailing, globally, office staff print and post millions of unstructured desktop mail everyday. This disjointed and manually intensive process of mailing these desktop documents is significantly costing businesses through lost productivity, diminished control and excessive postage costs. Now with Perigord HybridMail, you can eliminate these costs from your business with a single mouse click.