Virtual individual presentations

Perigord VIP is the new comms channel that develops individually personalised videos, which merge visuals with imagery and audio.

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Introducing Perigord VIP


Perigord VIP enables you to create bespoke videos that are focused on your clients’ needs, creating increased click through rates and ultimately higher sales.

Campaign Firepower

Your Perigord VIP campaign can be tailored by age, gender and location, or indeed any GDPR compliant data you hold on your client that you currently use for direct mail. This is then incorporated into a VIP or Virtual Individual Promotion and viewed online as a Personalised Video, just by clicking an email link

Perigord VIP can merge personalised text, images, audio, video-in-video, scene selection and other variables to create the most bespoke, insightful and personal interaction with clients. People retain and process audio-visual information far more effectively than any other media, which is why Perigord VIP’s personalised video delivers all the benefits and more of direct mail, but with appreciably better response, conversion and sales rates.

In some cases, it delivers a 500% increase in Click Through Rates, 400% increase in Brand Recall and most importantly 80% increase in Conversion Rates.

What If…

You could get up close and personal with Clients, Customers,Investors, Employees, Donors, Supporters and Shoppers and talk to them an individual basis about your products and services and how you can help them personally…? You’re telling AND selling

Perigord VIP brings together video and data to create dynamic personalised visual and audio

content. This speaks to an individual based on demographic or contextual data, that ensures your personalised video campaign is always relevant, always engaging, always effective. It’s the most effective way of turning data-driven insights into tangible results.


It’s no longer What if?, but When.

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